Short Courses


The Introduction To Live Sound Essentials is
designed to efficiently introduce audio essentials
for performers, presenters, venue managers and
crew in a short course format.

We start by identifying the three most common mistakes made in live audio and the best ways to avoid them!

The training is accessible to a broad age group from Year 10/11 up and covers the things everyone who works on or around a stage really needs to know!

These basics include signal flow, common cables, plugs and wiring through to assembling and tuning a PA then working onstage with microphones and foldback. We also introduce the basics of stage access, safety, wiring corridors and hazard reduction.

A comprehensive reference manual/course notes is provided for the ongoing learning process.

On completion of this training, the participant will:

1 / Have a functional understanding of the signal flow of an amplified performance.

2 / Identify and connect industry standard cables and connectors between audio sources, mixers, amplifiers and speakers.

3/ Have a functional understanding of correct microphone selection, technique and use.

4/ Have a functional understanding of mixing a live multi-source amplified performance and achieving desirable equalization and balance.

5/ Have a functional understanding of basic safe stage practice and practical application.


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in Stage/Theatre Audio

Introduction To Live Audio